All Access Internships - What Past Coaching Clients Are Saying

What Past Coaching Clients Are Saying...

"The fact that my coach Laura was honest and direct made my application shine!!! She was clearly knowledgeable about the field, the application process and common application pitfalls, and how to make the most of my experiences. Laura asked questions that forced me to address areas that would have weakened my application. My personal statement and resume were greatly enhanced from working with my coach Laura. Laura was SO AWESOME and I am thrilled to report that I was accepted to my top choice program!!!!!" -L.M.

“No matter how well you think you prepare beforehand, how many summer's before senior year you start thinking about Dietetic Internships, the "matching process" is always going to be a stressful one. Without All Access Internships and Jenny Westerkamp's private coaching I would have been much more worried about whether I would be placed in a very competitive internship. Jenny worked with me to find internship sites that matched my unique interests, strengths and career goals.

After I had drafted my resume and personal statements Jenny went through them with a critical eye and helped fine-tune my stated intentions. When I was notified that I had a last-minute interview, Jenny offered very helpful tips so I would know what to expect. I recommend All Access Internships, "Getting Matched" e-book and private coaching to all the dietetic students I meet. These resources greatly lessened my stress level, and got my into my #1 choice for Dietetic Internships!”

“You are so great! You have helped me so much within such a short period of time - I appreciate your support, feedback and efficiency! What great service.”

“I just wanted to thank you for creating a great website. I used All Access Internship during my application process. It helped me tremendously. It was my third time applying for a dietetic internship and I matched!!”

“Thanks again for all your help, you have been so wonderful and helpful throughout this whole process!”

“You give people more confidence with the whole system of getting approved. It is such a mystery and sometimes the directors don't have the time or knowledge to help their students, so for what I paid I feel I got my money's worth.”

“I wanted to inform all access that I got an internship at UC San Diego and I am very happy. This was my second choice but a very good site. I used almost all of your services.”

“I want to especially thank Kristen for helping me with my resume and application letter. You are an excellent coach! Also, I want to thank Selina for helping me prepare for my interview, which was the final step in my selection process. A special thanks to Meredith for being so helpful and prompt in responding to my emails and always wishing good luck. And a final thanks to Jenny for having this resource available to students.”

(Yes, this was an actual email from a happy AAI Coaching client!)

“Thank you Jenny for all of your help! Your really helped me make my application stronger. I also got 3/4 of the possible interviews that I could have gotten. I feel that says it all on how strong my application turned out.”

“I am happy to say I got matched! Thanks again for all your help. You took some of the fear out of the process.”

“You are awesome!!!! Thank you so much. You're outstanding at what you do and I really appreciate it!”

“I truly appreciate all that AAI has done for me this year. The coaching was SO helpful with my applications. I have been spreading the word about it AAI since you started it on Facebook.”

"AAI provided me with the solid, well-researched tools I needed to put together a DI application packet I felt confident about. After applying on my own last year without getting matched, I now know that the guidance and resources I received through AAI helped me earn a spot in my first choice program."

"You helped me more me stand out. I am at an internship I love. Thank you!"

"It was really nice to have someone check it that doesn't know me AND who has been through the process."

"Jenny provided insightful and critical evaluations of my dietetic internship letters of application. Her analysis of my essays provided professional feedback, logical flow and sentence structure, and striking vocabulary to weave into my letters of application. Additionally, her feedback was efficiently returned to me-within 24 hours!"

"Jenny provided a lot of support as I navigated the Dietetic Internship application process. She was patient in answering many questions I had about several of the Internship Programs. She also proofed an initial draft of my application letter. Jenny's insight and guidance helped me tremendously since she had gone through this process already and was in the middle of her own Dietetic Internship. I'm now in an Internship that fits me perfectly."

"Jenny was so helpful through the application process. It is hard to put everything together, especially because everything in the application has to be to certain specifications. Jenny knows the programs and what to focus on to help make applicants stand out. She is so easy to talk to and so helpful. I am very happy I had her critique my materials. I think it definitely helped me to get the match I wanted!”

“I was most impressed with All Access Internships. While I got the VIP Coaching session, the Application Letter Brainstorm was by far the most helpful and important service. This coaching session took my application letter to a different level. I am sure this is why I got into my first choice of internships! I would highly recommend the VIP Coaching to anyone!”

“AAI is an amazing site that offers great information to students who are applying for dietetic internships. The coaching experience was great and I would recommend it to everyone. Jenny was very professional and did an excellent job in helping me with my letter. She is also down-to-earth and easy to get a long with. The only coaching service I used was help with the letter of application, but I was very impressed by her ability to tailor my letter to what the internships were looking for and what goals and skills I wanted to present to the selection committee. I would recommend that anyone applying to an internship have their letter evaluated by Jenny because she is an excellent resource and great coach for anyone looking to get matched. Another helpful resource is the "Getting Matched" e-book, which has tons of great information for any level of the application process - from looking to get experience to how to finalize the finishing touches of the application.”